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Historic Transportation in Greenfield Village

A once-in-a-lifetime experience only available with your wedding at The Henry Ford!

Horse-Drawn Carriages
  • $400 for first hour, $100 each additional hour, per carriage.
  • For multiple carriages, there is a $200 price reduction for each additional carriage, up to 4 carriages total.
MacLaughlin Park Phaeton
2 Passengers
  Vis-à-vis White Carriage 2-4 Passengers (not available during public hours)   Sarah Jordan Surrey
9 Passengers

Wedding tips:

  • The Phaeton and Vis-à-vis Carriages are intimate and romantic options; they offer very limited (or no) space for a photographer, assistant and/or equipment. We recommend additional historic transportation with these carriages.
  • Our carriage drivers are an excellent resource for the very best photo locations in Greenfield Village. This will help maximize your scheduled time. Please consider that large groups take longer to organize and photograph. You won’t want to be late for dinner!

Greenfield Village Omnibuses
  • $400 for first hour, $100 each additional hour, per omnibus.
  • For multiple omnibuses, there is a $200 price reduction for each additional omnibus, up to 4 omnibuses total.
  • George Washington Carver (8 Passengers), Henry Ford (10 Passengers), Harvey S. Firestone (12 Passengers) and Thomas Edison (14 Passengers)

Wedding tip:

  • Omnibuses are a great way to move a larger group around in Greenfield Village. When making your carriage requests, please consider the capacity carefully to include your photographer(s) and equipment. It is also worth mentioning that we base passenger capacity on “historically” sized guests. If your group is larger, you may want to opt for a larger carriage (please count children as passengers.)

Model T
  • $275 per hour, 3 passengers

Wedding tip:

  • A Model T is a great way for a couple to capture great Greenfield Village photo spots quickly, but remember the capacity of 3 guests (this would include the photographer.) Please note, posing in the driver seat is fun, but Model T’s are driven by trained staff only.

Click here for our historic transportation in Greenfield Village information sheet

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Enhancements are special products with limitations, including scheduling availability, maintenance and weather. Capacities listed are all based on maximums and strictly enforced for your safety. Enhancements are for private events only and may not be available during special evening programs, including Civil War Remembrance, Motor Muster, Old Car Festival, Salute to America, Hallowe’en and Holiday Nights. Prices and policies are subject to change. Please see your event planner for more details.