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The Museum's Car: A 1937 CORD 812 PHAETON
Other models were the four-passenger Beverly Sedan, the five-passenger Westchester Sedan, and two long (132 inch) wheelbase versions, the Custom Beverly and the Custom Berline. All of the models could be ordered with the optional centrifugal supercharger that boosted horsepower to 170. The supercharged cars came with distinctive chromed exposed exhaust pipes that exited the hood before disappearing into the fenders.


Wheelbase 125"
Length 195.25"
Height 58"
Ground clearance 9"
Front track56"
Rear track61"
Shipping weight 3864 lbs.


Type Lycoming 90-degree L-head V-8
Bore x stroke3.5" x 3.75"
Displacement 288.64 cubic inches
Compression ratio 6.5 to 1
Horsepower @ rpm125 @ 3500 advertised
Electrical system6 volts


Original price $2195 f.o.b., plus $415 for supercharger
Top speed98.9 mph
Acceleration0-60 in 20.1 seconds
Turning circle 41'
Fuel tank capacity21 gallons

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