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The early Model Ts actually did come in a variety of colors, but beginning in 1914 and for the next eleven years, the Model T would be sold in only one color: black. The main reason for this was the black enamel used dried more quickly than other paints and therefore sped up production. Consumers were not offered a choice of colors again until 1926, due in part to slumping sales.

Taken from "Model T Advance Catalog," 1908.

Motor 4 cylindler, 4 cycle, vertical, 20 h. p. 3 3/4 in. bore, 4 in. stroke, Cylinders cast in one block with water jackets, and upper half of crank case integral, water jacketed cylinder head detachable, fine grain gray iron castings.
Valves Extra large, all on left side and offset.
ShaftsCrank and cam non-welded drop forged heat treated Ford Vanadium steel, bearing surfaces ground, cams integral and ground.
Crank Case Upper half integral with cylinder casting. Lower half pressed steel and extended to form lower housing for magneto and transmission.
Cooling Gear driven centrifugal pump.
Ignition Ford magneto generator, low tension, direct connected to engine drive.
Carburetor New design, float feed automatic with dash adjustment.
Transmission New design Ford spur planetary, bathed in oil, - all gears from heat treated Vanadium steel, silent and easy in action.
Lubrication Combination splash and gravity system-simple and sure. Insures against insufficient or excessive lubrication.
Clutch Multiple steel discs, operating in oil.
Control All forward speeds by foot pedal. Reverse by hand lever. Spark and throttle under steering wheel.
Final Drive By cardon shaft with single universal joint to bevel drive gears in live rear axle. Ford three point system (patented in all countries) with all moving parts enclosed in dust proof casing, running in oil. Vanadium steel throughout.
Front AxleOne piece drop forging in I-beam section, specially treated, Vanadium steel.
Steering By Ford reduction gear system; irreversible.
Brakes 2 sets. (a) Service band brake on transmission; (b) Internal expanding brakes in rear hub drums.
Wheels Artillery wood type. Hubs extra long.
Tires Pneumatic; rear 30 x 3 1/2 inches, front 30 x 3 inches.
Springs Front and rear, semi-elliptic.
Wheel Base 100 in., tread 56 in.; 60 in. for Southern roads where ordered.
Gas Tank 10 gallons. Cylindrical gasoline tank mounted directly on frame.
Standard Equipment Side oil lamps, tail lamp, tube horn and gas lamp brackets. Touring Car and Roadster ironed for top.
Weight 1200 lbs.
Price $850, F.O.B., Detroit, Mich.

The Model T Featured Automobiles The Showroom
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